Buy a New Property

Want to buy a new property? Let our professionals help you. Whether you are looking for an apartment in Cairo or one of the well-developed urban regions in Egypt, Ana Homes Team will do their best to help fulfill your needs.

If you are not sure about the type of property to invest in, we can help you with that too. Our property Consultants will meet your budget needs and your preferences by recommending the right property for you.  With Ana Homes, you can find some of the best commercial and residential properties in Egypt.


Buy a Resale Property

Resale means an individual has owned a property prior to a buyer soliciting an offer vs a new build where a builder might have a home that is finished and is a speculation home and no one has lived in it.  A resale home has been lived in prior to selling and a new build has not had someone living in it prior to a sale.  With Ana Homes, we will help you find the best resale property and with the best resale price.


Sell Your Property

At Ana Homes we are always ready to assist you with the steps necessary to sell your home or investment property. Selling real estate is a partnership between the property owners and the listing brokerage.  Let us assist you with our Property Consultants and many years of experience. Together we can work the get the best sale price possible for your property.

  1. We will inspect your property and make suggestions on what you can do to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.
  2. We will complete a market analysis of property sales, a mini-appraisal, to help determine a reasonable asking price for your home.
  3. We will also analyze the other properties currently on the market, your potential competition to see how your property will compare to others in the eyes of a buyer.
  4. We will recommend an asking price for your home and explain potential closing expenses.
  5. We will place a sign on your home if you request one. Did you know that over 15% of property buyers first become aware of property listings from for sale signs?
  6. We will help you analyze offers made on your property and counsel you on appropriate counter offers to keep the process on track.
  7. After an offer is accepted we will manage the inspection and mortgage period and assist you and your attorney to follow the transaction through closing.